Debunking the Myths about Replica Handbags and Replica Wallets

Over the years, quite a few myths have been spread about whether it is okay or not to buy replica wallets and replica handbags. Because of those myths, many people continue to gladly spend their hard earned money on products that are of a much lower quality, while supporting crime around the globe.

Myth #1 – Replica Handbags Are the Same as the Real Thing

Most people think that designer handbags could be crafted by anyone and that the only thing that makes them so valuable is the name stitched on the side. So, how could a replica be of that much lower quality? The truth is that most designer bags are made with the highest grade materials and are crafted by hand or with very careful guidelines.

Replica handbags and replica wallets are made by unskilled workers in horrible conditions and with the cheapest materials possible. The result is a product that will fall apart quickly and stand out as being a fake to most people who know the difference.

Myth #2 – Replica Handbags Only Hurt Companies

Replica handbags and replica wallets hurt millions of people around the globe, starting first and foremost with the workers who make them. Working long hours in hot factories with little food and no breaks, these workers are exploited in almost every way. In some cases, the workers may even include forced child labor.

Beyond the workers, there is the crime that the money from these replica handbags funds. When money from replica handbags and replica wallets is distributed back to the criminal organizations that fund their production, the money is used for everything from drug trafficking to prostitution and more.

Myth #3 – Trademark Infringement Isn’t that Big of a Deal

Trademark infringement is a big crime and is prosecuted as such with major jail time for the worst infringers. Imagine if created something and someone else simply stole it, sold it under their own name and you were left with nothing. You did the work. You had the ideas. And yet, you gain nothing from it. It’s stealing plain and simple – no different than taking someone’s car or TV.

In short, replica handbags and replica wallets are extremely damaging to the economy, the integrity of big companies and to your pocket book. They fall apart quickly, are easily recognizable as fakes, and cause pain and suffering for many people. Avoid them whenever possible and remain vigilant when you are shopping next.