The Vastly Inferior Quality of Replica Chanel Handbags

There are quite a few reasons to avoid replica handbags and replica wallets. They take away tax revenue from local government, support criminal activities, encourage poor working conditions around the globe, and cause a great deal of headaches for law enforcement. But, if you want something simple and personal as a reason, simply consider the poor quality that any replica handbag is made with.

How the Products Are Made

To start with, replica Chanel handbags are made in less than ideal conditions. Usually, they are made by unskilled, underpaid workers who spend extremely long hours at machines, focusing more on volume than quality. They are also not familiar with the patterns or the materials that are being used and most of the time they are not made fully by hand.

To keep costs as low as possible, the producers will also skimp on materials and production steps. They don’t check for quality, weed out the defective products, or have thorough QA procedures. As a result, most of the products are going to come through poorly made and flimsy.

Shipping and Selling

After a replica handbag is made, it is then shipped off to be sold in a number of black markets throughout the world. This means a few things. First, the shipping conditions are almost guaranteed to be poor. Additionally, the people handling them don’t know anything about handbags or their materials (assuming they aren’t made with subpar materials in the first place).

Once the replica handbags reach their selling destination, they are often tossed around, treated poorly, battered on the streets or used before being sold. Of course, the actual quality levels are the worst aspect of any replica accessory, but the poor handling and lack of care don’t help and only serve to reduce the lifespan of a product that you want to last for some time.

How to Avoid Replica Handbags

If you’ve long been pining for a high quality designer handbag from Europe, you should avoid any locations that are noted for selling these replicas. That means steering clear of street vendors that tend to stock up on counterfeits so they can offer big “discounts”. It also means avoiding online sales where counterfeits are notoriously prevalent.

If you’re ever unsure that what you’re buying is legitimate, contact the actual designer or simply avoid the purchase. It is always better to wait than to spend money supporting this vast criminal enterprise.